You can visit our pigs in the barn. In the past there were only two different breeds of pigs in Norway. Unfortunately one of these breeds died out, but the other was bred with introductions from abroad and formed the basis for what today is called the modern Norwegian landrace pig.

Norwegian Landrace pig

Norwegian Landrace is the most important variety in Norwegian pig farm production. The Landrace is also the oldest pig breed in Norway, stemming from the original Norwegian pigs. There has been systematic breeding of Norwegian Landrace since the beginning of the 1960s. Since 1980 the breed has been crossbred with the Swedish Landrace to strengthen the population. Today the Norwegian Landrace is considered one of the best breeding pigs in the world and is exported to countries across the globe. Norwegian landrace is almost white in appearance, has a long back and a relatively small head with hanging ears. It is known as a pig good for reproduction and for its rapid growth.